To Ol Totem Gluten Free Pale Ale

Beer Info
  • Style: Gluten Free Beer
  • ABV: 2.2%
  • Package: 330ml bottle

Gluten Free Beer is here! Totem Pale Ale is a low ABV session ale that uses Mosaic and Tettnanger hops for a nice hop profile. You wouldn't be able to guess that it's Gluten Free, or 2.2%.

What is 'Gluten Free' Beer?

To Øl uses a proline-specific endopeptidase that targets all glutenins and gliadins during fermentation. Through this they "are able to reduce natural gluten content in barley, rye and oats to levels that are below the EU regulations for terming products gluten free."

Read more about To Øl's Gluten Free Beer processes.

Laboratory Certificate for this Batch


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