To Øl Teku Glass

Glass Info
  • Manufacturer: Rastal
  • Style: Teku Goblet
  • Capacity: 420ml

Rastal's Teku Goblet has constantly been gaining fans in the craft beer world since its conception in 2010. Originally a product of Italian brewer Teo Musso and Italian beer master Lorenzo Dabove, the Teku Goblet was designed to give beer drinkers a great looking glass to suit any beer style. This glass has become somewhat hard to get a hold of in New Zealand, unless you attended the annual Pacific Beer Expo in 2014 or 2015, of course.

This page is for a full size To Øl branded Teku Goblet that holds 330ml of your favorite beer exceptionally well. It especially holds To Øl beers well. It is a great glass for most styles of beer, performing great with both hop-forward and malt-forward beers. It fits into your hand perfectly, and carresses your lips with every sip.

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