The Mother of All Tastings

You may have noticed a couple of recent developments here at Hashigo Zake, including the big new fridge and cabinet in the Red Room.

This is the new physical home of the Cult Beer Store and houses what might be the craziest range of high end beers in town.

So to celebrate these changes we've put together two amazing tastings of beers from deep within the vaults.

July 18, 6:30pm

(In alphabetical order)

  • Adroit Theory Brewing Company Legion Belgian Stout w/ Horopito 2014
  • Coronado Brewing Company Old Scallywag Brandy Barrel-aged Barley Wine 2015
  • Gigantic Brewery Massive Barley-wine 2016
  • Iron Fist Brewing Company Dubbel Fisted
  • Modern Times Beer Funky Universal Friend Pinot Gris Saison with Grape Must 2016
  • Modern Times Beer Funky Universal Friend Pinot Noir Saison with Grape Must 2016
  • Moon Dog Craft Brewery / Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing Nordic Saddle Buffer Barrelly Wine
  • Moylan's Brewing Company Old Blarney Barley-wine 2013
  • Pelican Brewing Company Mother of All Storms Bourbon Barrel-aged Barleywine 2015

Grab yourself a "season pass" to both tastings and save $10.

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