A rich, winter cider made from pure Harry Master’s Jersey juice, caramelised over a wood fire. Warming and aromatic, this cider is a perfect accompaniment to a brandy glass, armchair and woodburner.

Blaze is a joint creation by an uncompromising cidermaker (Alex Peckham) and brewer (Jason Bathgate), and part of our ongoing exploration into "what cider can be". When Alex discovered a couple of Québécois cidermakers using artisan maple syrup exvaporators to make a firwe tiwn to their ice cider, it something he had to try. Wild fermented in French oak barrels.

Fruit: Harry Master's Jersey

Yeast(s): wild

Residual sugar: 15.8g/l

Serve: Cellar temp. (10 - 13°C)


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