Modern Times Black House

Beer Info
  • Style: Coffee Stout
  • ABV: 5.8%
  • Package: 473ml can
  • IBUs: 40

Coffee. Roasty. Stout.

Modern Times is one of the few breweries out there that roast their own coffee beans. They do this because, it is rumoured, the brewing staff is incredibly fussy about what they drink each morning. Luckily they are equally as fussy about the flavours that end up in their beer. And with Black House Coffee Stout, it is clear that their fussiness is justified. Black House contains 75% Ethiopian and 25% Sumatran coffee beans that contribute a huge roasty and chocolaty coffee bean flavour to the beer. The oatmeal added to this beer makes it smooth and easy to drink. Great for any time of day really.

$30.80 $7.70
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