Karl Strauss Mosaic Session Ale

Beer Info
  • Style: Pale Ale
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Package: 355 & 650ml Bottle
  • IBUs: 45

Mosaic Session Ale from Karl Strauss does a great job of featuring the delicious Mosaic hop in a drinkable pale ale. The clean malt bill on this beer sets it up for Mosaic to shine, and it is double dry hopped to really get it in your face. Single-hop beers are great to try if you want to learn about a specific hop and how it shows up in the final product, and this Mosaic Session Ale will teach you about how great the Mosaic hop tastes and smells.

Clearance Sale

We are having a clearance sale on this beautiful beer, which has unfortunately passed its first birthday (Bottled on January 6, 2016). However, the beer has been kept cold its whole life, has very low levels of dissolved oxygen and is holding up remarkably well. But it needs to be consumed now. Price reflects how we think it is tasting as of July 2017.

$11.00 $9.00

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