Craftwork Angel

Beer Info
  • Style: Belgian Pale Ale
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Package: 500ml bottle

Angel is a Belgian Pale Ale from Craftwork that is, in a way, a substitute to the beer it was inspired by. The label on Angel tells all:

"There is a Trappist Abbey in Wallonia that only makes one beer. Sometimes we think that is a wise approach, as we struggle to keep up with our range. We brewed Angel because we love the original so much, and can't buy it in Oamaru. This beer we offer to you, as a genuflection or a holy nod to the famous original.

"Angel is a Hoppy Belgian Pale Ale with further flavour derived from the funky Brettanomyces 'wild' yeast, melded with generous hopping in the boil, plus a further addition dry to the fermenter, just three days prior to bottling. A full flavoured ale, we recommend pairing it with a strong cheese or tasty stew. Drink it fresh, for the bitter and fruity hop character....or cellar it for a funky taste evolution in the bottle over time.

"We thought Angel a more appropriate name that W.T.F. as we're secular brewers and not Wallonian Trappist Friars. Salut to the Friars, and blessings and good humour upon you too!"

Give this one a try and see if you can figure out what beer it is a nod to (even if you could guess from the description and label).


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