Brewaucracy - Debate The Brewer

Hamilton's Brewaucracy want to influence what you think as well as drink. Confront them and their beer at MEET DEBATE THE BREWER, with Greig McGill and Phil Murray.

It's a different kind of tasting, taking place on Thursday, November 19 at 6:30pm.

We'll work our way through a selection of Brewaucracy beers. But instead of the usual chit-chat about the strike temperature and the final gravity of each beer, we'll let the beer and Greig's and Phil's views of the world inspire discussions on weighty issues. We may touch on politics, religion, economics, social justice and/or the state of the brewing industry.

Bring a thirst for beer and alternative points of view. No room for the easily offended or trolls.

N.B. No tickets will be issued. We'll just check names on arrival.

Also N.B. Insert standard COVID alert level disclaimer here.

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