Beerer Bonds Issue 3

 The Beerer Bond is an interest-bearing voucher that you can use to buy goods, such as food, beverages and merchandise, at Hashigo Zake. Its interest is in the form of more vouchers.

In 2020 we invented the Beerer Bond to help us through the March-May lockdown and to reward customers who knew a great offer when they saw one.

We used it a couple more times to help us through the first three years of the pandemic.
In 2023 business is almost back to normal. Or so we thought.

But after two decades of thankless toil the pump that keeps our underground venue dry has suddenly given up. We are out of business until it's replaced. Before the pandemic we might have been able to take care of the enormous cost of replacing this whole system.

With this new pump we can look forward to many years of being a haven for lovers of fine beer, music and whatever else our much-appreciated regular customers get up to.

But we’re a business, not a charity, so we’re raising the funds to replace this pump the way a business should – by offering a great deal to customers.

When you buy a Beerer Bond you can use it immediately like a typical voucher. Or you can hold onto it until maturity and enjoy interest in the form of additional, small vouchers, or coupons, every month.

For every purchase we will issue you with a physical Beerer Bond, complete with interest coupons that can be detached and used as individual vouchers.

If you want to redeem your Beerer Bond prior to maturity, then you will also need to return all the remaining interest coupons without redeeming them.

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