Baird Yabai Yabai Strong Scotch Ale

Beer Info
  • Style: Scotch Ale
  • ABV: 8%
  • Package: 330ml Bottle
  • IBUs: 30

Yabai-Yabai Scotch Ale from Baird is one of our favorite beers produced by the brewery. This rich and robust 8% ale has a slightly-chocolatey sweetness to it that is supported by flavours of dark fruit and maple syrup. This ale has a vinous character to it that gives it a complex taste and finish, and makes it hard to resist another sip. Or another bottle. I'll leave you with the brewer's take on this one:

One pint and the bite will be taken out of the evening autumn chill. Two pints and you will experience a blissfully warming sensation throughout your body.Three pints and…YABAI!"
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