Baird Wabi Sabi Japan Pale Ale

Beer Info
  • Style: Pale Ale
  • ABV: 6%
  • Package: 330ml Bottle
  • IBUs: 50

Wabi Sabi Pale Ale from Baird Beer is a strong Pale Ale that is spiced with wasabi and flavoured with green tea. While there is wasabi in Wabi Sabi Pale, it is not a spicy beer. They either didn't use much of it or the 6 varieties of whole cone hops mask the flavour. Or it's just a well balanced beer. The green tea is more present, and the way the flavours all blend and balance together makes this hazy-orange brew pretty interesting. It's 50 IBUs are noticeable and give Wabi Sabi a lingering bitterness that fades away just as you're ready to take another sip. I think this one came before Garage Project's Wabi Sabi, but let's not get into that. They are very different beers anyway. But grab one of each and compare for kicks.

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