American Mixed Pack

It doesn't have to be made in America to be American. Or does it? Either way, this American Mixed Pack features some beers that we think could be thought of as American if tasted blind. What do you think?

Includes 1 of Each:

Ballast Point California Amber
San Diego, California, USA, 355ml bottle
This classic American Amber style beer pays tribute to the classic ESB style, but cranks up the bitterness and uses a more American yeast for that west-coast finish.
Modern Times Black House Coffee Stout
San Diego, California, USA, 473ml can
While the coffee beans used are Ethiopian and Sumatran, this coffee-stout is dry, crisp roasty and bitter, in true American style.
Alamac Saison de Brettaville
San Fransisco, California, USA, 375ml bottle
This dry-hopped and barrel-aged brett-refermented Saison is the a classic story of an American brewery taking a classic style and making it into something completely unique
Graphic Origin Story Citrus APA
Wellington, NZ, 440ml can
For starters, the style APA stands for American Pale Ale. And this juicy and bitter beer from NZ's Graphic fits the bill.
Beer Baroness Rye-ot Grrrl
Christchurch, NZ, 500ml bottle
This beer was initially brewed in collaboration with Modern Times, and uses a secret hopping technique that we have the American brewer to thank.
Baird Fruitful Life IPA
Japan, 330ml bottle
So it uses the Japanese Daidai fruit, mostly local Japan ingredients (aside from the mass of US hops) and a Scottish Ale strain of yeast, but this beer is clean, sharp, fruity and bitter and tastes like it could have been made on the west coast of the US. Yum.
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