Almanac Farm to Barrel Pack

This Almanac Farmer's Reserve Mixed Pack will bring the flavours of California to your glass. For each Farmer's Reserve beer, Almanac uses a "Farm to Barrel" mentality, combining local produce with their sour base beer and aging it in oak barrels. Then they blend the beer between barrels for a desired balance, and pass it on to customers for a wonderful drinking experience. Allow these beers to reach their full potential by pairing them with food - each beer's page has some recommendations.

Includes 1 x 375ml Bottle of Each

Farmer's Reserve Pack + 2 Glasses

There is a section option below to add 2 Almanac Farm to Barrel glasses to make this pack even more extravagant.

Savings built in (Normally $84.30 and $116.30)

$116.30 $80.00
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