Reservation for The Vincent Vega 3 on October 30

The Vincent Vega 3 play in the Hashigo Zake Lounge on October 30 at 9pm.

Tarantino-inspired Surf, Funk, Soul & Blues with Chris Armour - guitar, Nick Lissette - bass and Richard TeOne - drums!

You can reserve a table here.

During COVID Alert Level 2, from October 15, our gigs are no longer free and the fee charged here is an admission price.

Thanks to Level 2 conditions we have a very small number of tables in our lounge that can be reserved. Anyone attending will be expected to follow the current protocols, including checking in for contact tracing purposes.

If you make a reservation here then we'll hold your table for you between 8:30pm and 9:15pm.

Note: no physical ticket will be issued. Your name will be at the door.

Refunds can be requested by contacting us no later than 24 hours before any gig.

If/when our quota of reservations have been used up, you're still welcome to come to Hashigo Zake and listen to the music from outside the lounge. We may find space for a small number of additional seats. Also, people with reservations may move on and give up their seats.

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