Reservation for King Oyster on October 2

King Oyster play in the Hashigo Zake Lounge on Saturday, October 2 at 9pm. You can reserve a table here. It's a free gig, but we're charging for reservations, and the price of your reservation is converted to a credit at the bar that you can use on the night.

Brush those pesky barnacles off your shell, polish the pearl and dive on in as there are very few crustaceans (or fungi) more regal than the King Oyster!
Wellington's cult favourite overzealous funksters are Oscar Lavën (Saxes), Blain Fitzpatrick (bass), Jacob Randall (drums).

We're operating under Alert Level 2 conditions and have a very small number of tables in our lounge that can be reserved. Anyone attending will be expected to follow the current protocols, including checking in for contact tracing purposes.

If you make a reservation here then we'll hold your table for you between 8:30pm and 9pm. If you haven't arrived by 9, we reserve the right to let someone else take the table, although your bar credit will still apply.

Note: no physical ticket will be issued. Your name will be at the door.

If/when our quota of reservations have been used up, you're still welcome to come to Hashigo Zake and listen to the music from outside the lounge. We may find space for a small number of additional seats. Also, people with reservations may move on and give up their seats.

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