Rastal Teku Beer Glass

  • Manufacturer: Rastal
  • Size: 330ml & 420ml
  • Case Size: 6 Glasses

The TEKU is a beer glass that draws inspiration from red wine glasses and traditional tulip beer glasses. The Teku is great for tasting beer due to its inward-facing body with a slightly outward-facing rim, allowing a beer's aroma to concentrate, then blossom. The Teku's shape also makes it easy to 'swirl' a beer, releasing its aromas and building head whenever the drinker prefers. On top of that, the wide base and long stem of the Rastal Teku makes it a fine peice of beer glassware.

Teku Glasses come in Mini (330ml) and Regular (420ml)

These Teku glasses can be bought individually or in cases of 6. Some friendly savings are built into the case price.


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