PECKHAM'S Classic Elderflower Cider

Beer Info
  • Style: Elderflower Cider
  • ABV: 5.7%
  • Package: 330ml can
  • Origin: Moutere, New Zealand

Take a really good cider, infuse it with fresh elderflowers, and you have summer in a glass. Every spring, one of us spends six weeks handpicking wild elderflowers along local Moutere riverbanks to make this fragrant, floral, delicate cider.

Jonagold, Sturmer, Brown’s. Cox’s Orange, Kingston Black, Harry Master’s Jersey, Sweet Alford, Stoke Red, Major, Tremlett’s Bitter

Residual Sugar: 3.3g sugar/can

Aged: 12 months

Serve Cold (4 - 7°C)

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